Quarrelsome Instagram Health Nuts

Instagram Health Nuts tend to be quite quarrelsome and irritable about things, especially gluten, sugar, dairy, artificial coloring, or being fat.

Report: God Modified Children’s Interface Before Public Release Because Parents Are Lazy Human Beings (Satire)

If you've ever wondered why your children don't come with a volume or an on/off button it's because apparently parents abused the features during children beta testing.

Snader Flyby Airplane Mechanics Tips for Raising Children

An Airplane Mechanic’s Guide to Raising Children

A blog full of great child rearing tips like Cleaning and Corrosion Control, Read the Manuals, Calibrate Your Instruments, etc.

Introducing Elliot Adrian Snader

For one thing, your wife becomes very hormonal, which isn't her fault, really, it's just God's way of making up for your lack of effort during childbirth.

Good Habits & Bad Habits

At this point, her tiny toothbrush probably has more germs on it than the toilet brush. Of course, since all she has is baby teeth, they'll fall out anyway. It's like nature's dentist. "Hey kid, you ruined your first pair of teeth, but here are some new teeth. Try again."

Josh’s Jungle Guide to the Toddler Species

Of course, you can’t just get any ointment, it has to be infant safe with all natural coloring and zero corn syrup. This makes the price go up about $10 an ounce. Wait, isn’t the infant formula more diluted? How is it more expensive!?

If You’re Happy & You Know It… Sing This Song Again

Some people build cathedral like nurseries for their babies, inspired by the best and brightest ideas that Pinterest has to offer. They equip the room with inspirational banners reminding the baby to participate in "Sweet Dreams" and they adorn the walls with artful Bible verses admonishing the baby in the way it should go. I … Continue reading If You’re Happy & You Know It… Sing This Song Again