Flying with Toddlers & the Depravity of Mankind

No one has ever groveled like a parent with a screaming toddler on a plane. “Here’s pretzels. Have a cookie. Here’s a bag of sugar. Hey, I got an idea, let’s sing “Baby Shark.’ In fact, here’s Daddy’s iPhone; all yours! Whatever your heart desires, up to half the kingdom, is yours. Just stop screaming.”

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Seven Serious, No Nonsense Tips for First Time Parents

If my friend Nathaniel, for instance, gets a slight whiff of a stinky diaper he’ll forcibly crash through a second story window to escape the smell. If you can’t overcome this instinct I’m afraid you’ll injure yourself because you’ll be jumping out of windows three of four times a day.

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Mommy’s Superpowers

Janice opens the cupboard, pulls out a black top hat, sticks her hand into it and yells “Abracadabra!” then pulls out a hot, nutritionally balanced meal neatly arranged on a plate.

“How did you do that!?”

“What? This? It’s just some leftovers I threw together.”

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If You’re Happy & You Know It… Sing This Song Again

God provides a way to pay for my trip to teach Summer Bible School in PA. Adi keeps me up all night. Goshen’s train problem is irritating.

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