Pray & Praise

Updated 3/31/19

Help us communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC) so we can navigate the runways and get off the ground!

Praise that Baby Snader #2 has been flipped successfully! Pray that he stays the right way until he comes out!

Pray that God would start making a place available for us to live near MMS Aviation’s hangar in Coshocton, OH.

Praise that we get to give a presentation in front of a mission board on April 2, 2019. Pray that their hearts and minds would be convicted to help our family reach our support goal (if the Lord wills).

Pray that we meet our goal to be fully funded by May 28 (or sooner). I have two month registration left on the cars and my boss is looking for my replacement so we’re just living in faith that it’ll happen in time.

That we could continue to meet our support goals of 15% additional support between every newsletter.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer! If you would like to commit to praying once a week for our family, let us know by filling out the form below! We’ll send you prayer updates and such. We’ll try our best to remember your family in prayer as well!

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