Pray & Praise

Help us communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and get our ministry off the ground safely and in the right direction!

Updated 1 / 25 / 19


Praise that our land in Alaska sold! I (Josh) bought the land back before I was dating. I wanted to be a hermit and live in the wilds of Alaska while trying to make money writing things. Thankfully God led me in a different direction. We sold the land and are using that money to get some financial obligations squared away in preparation of our MMS Aviation apprenticeship.

Praise that our support raising has been going well! We are (unofficially) at 50% support raised and 30% of that was in the last two months. Amazing! Thanks to all you folks who are helping us do this. We’re eternally grateful

Between January and February newsletter, our support went up by over 16%. This is an answer to prayer as we’re trying to raise 15% or more between every newsletter. We started doing newsletters on a monthly basis.

Praise that Janice and baby have been blessed with health so far. There’s so many things that can go wrong in this process and we’re so grateful that things are going well and on schedule.


Pray for continued health as Janice’s pregnancy progresses (and that we could come up with a good name for the baby boy!)

And the usual: Pray that God could lead us to people who are able and willing to come alongside us and become partners in this ministry (both financially and prayerfully).

That we could continue to meet our support goals of 15% additional support between every newsletter.

Pray for more apprentices to be sent to MMS Aviation! (If you’re interested, here’s their website)

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer! If you would like to commit to praying once a week for our family, let us know by filling out the form below! We’ll send you prayer updates and such. We’ll try our best to remember your family in prayer as well!

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