The story of a little family following God's big plan.

Hi! We’re the Snader family. We’re following God’s call into missionary aviation because airplanes are the best way to get the Gospel to some of the hardest-to-reach areas on earth. Welcome to our story!

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Airplanes: A Missionary's Best Friend

Available Usage: Free to use and modify in any way for missionary purposes. For example: A blog address and family picture may be added at the end for support raising purposes. How to download this video in its original quality: Step 1. Click on “Share” in the upper right hand corner. Step 2. Click on […]

You Can't Outrun A Game Camera

Halfway through my shower I was lathered head to toe in cheap body wash when the shower abruptly stopped. The water supply had run out! Matt must have forgotten to hook up the water. I was standing there wide eyed and shivering. What now?