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Mr. and Mrs. Hippenhammer

We just got back from ANOTHER trip to Pennsylvania and it’s good to be home even though being at home means sitting on a crooked toilet. I call it the “Leaning Tower of Pot” but I’m reconsidering the title because marijuana is legal in Michigan and I’m afraid people may get the wrong idea.

Flying with Toddlers & the Depravity of Mankind

No one has ever groveled like a parent with a screaming toddler on a plane. “Here’s pretzels. Have a cookie. Here’s a bag of sugar. Hey, I got an idea, let’s sing “Baby Shark.’ In fact, here’s Daddy’s iPhone; all yours! Whatever your heart desires, up to half the kingdom, is yours. Just stop screaming!”

Win Some, Lose Some

It gets quite breezy in my head at times and I was alarmed to find that my carefully crafted, powerfully poignant piece of literary artwork had evaporated like cheap toilet paper. I started shoving words out of my mouth hoping that, like a five speed car with a dead battery, I could just jump start my brain by pushing it down a hill.