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Our Support Status

Updated 10/6/19

We expect this process of support raising to take anywhere from 1 – 3 years to complete. We have to reach 100% support before we can move to Ohio to begin our training. We need to have $5,300* in monthly pledges for living and training expenses. Unfortunately one time gifts do not count towards our monthly pledge amounts (but don’t worry, once we have started the apprenticeship, we can then use the one time gifts for medical expenses, support shortfalls, unexpected car maintenance, etc.) Pray with us for miracles!

$1,142 / month raised

$4,158 / to be raised

We are 21.55% of the way there! We need to have 100% of our support raised before we can start the apprenticeship. You can help us by getting the word out, sharing our blog posts, liking our Facebook page, or by becoming a monthly financial supporter yourself (even if it’s $10 a month, that helps!)

*This amount is what MMS Aviation has estimated we need and they require us to reach before we can move to Coshocton and begin our apprenticeship.

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It takes a week or two to show new support.
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