How can they believe if they have not heard?

“Airplanes and radios don’t just make (Bible) translation easier; they make it possible.”

Cameron Townsend, founder of JAARS, SIL International, & Wycliffe Bible Translators
Snader Family Serving in Mission Aviation
That’s me, Josh, there against the airplane. I’m holding Elliot, our youngest and then there’s my wife Janice holding our oldest Adilene (or Adi). We’re the Snader family!

Hi! We’re the Snader family.

Fixing airplanes that keep mission operations going is what God has called our family to do. We want to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to every forgotten corner of this world. Airplanes are a big part of that. We’re an apprentice family at MMS Aviation in Ohio working on real life missionary airplanes while getting the experience and licenses I need to become a Maintenance Specialist on the global mission field. We want to support isolated missionaries so they can work faster, longer, and more effectively so more people can hear the Good News. Let me tell you more about us in this video…

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