Home Sweet Indiana

Ah… Where to start? It’s been a long while since this was updated. I had good intentions but in typical fashion my intentions were not as strong as the urge to sleep, as urgent as my need to file 2017 taxes, or as loud as Adilene’s crying last night. Not that I need excuses, I’m […]

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Fixing Things, Finally.

The van began complaining a few months back. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I’m used to vehicles that complain and groan and even try to kill me on occasion. I ignored its whining to see if maybe it would reconsider it’s lot in life and go back to working without complaining. It didn’t. […]

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Dropping the Ball on New Years

Quick family update. It was 2 degrees today in Goshen, Indiana! That’s pretty cold, in case you aren’t familiar with how a thermometer works. It didn’t stop my wife though. She bundled up Adilene in seventy different types of cold weather gear; blankets, sweaters, a beanie, gloves, boots, socks, more socks, several more blankets, and […]

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