April 2021 Newsletter

Pictured above: Adi plays with her friends in Africa after a fresh rain left puddles all over the taxiway. Jumping in puddles is a multi-national sport! Note from Josh: The good news is that we got all our paper newsletters out before we left for Zambia. The bad news is that I completely forgot to … Continue reading April 2021 Newsletter

February 2021 Newsletter

I believe we shouldn’t sit on the couch all day and wait for God to change the world, but neither should we strive to change the world by our own efforts.

December 2020 Newsletter

Pictured Above: Roscoe Village is a historic canal town located on the outskirts of Coshocton. Here fresh snowfall on Christmas decorations made me feel all nostalgic and happy so I thought I'd share it with you. Admission of Guilt: You may notice that this December 2020 newsletter is being posted in January. Yes, this newsletter … Continue reading December 2020 Newsletter

August 2020 Newsletter

God Dreams Bigger Than We Dare to Hope What do these stories have in common? Joseph. Betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery. Slaves can’t get anywhere in life. David. The youngest brother who had to tend the sheep because everyone else needed to be in an important meeting with the prophet. Important people don’t miss meetings. Esther. An … Continue reading August 2020 Newsletter

Snader Flyby - Adi Running in Puddles

June 2020 Newsletter

Sometimes I just shrug my shoulders and decide that I really don’t have to understand my children, just love them.

April 2020 Newsletter

MMS Aviation has also been closed until May 1 since it’s considered a non-essential business under the Ohio governor’s stay-at-home-order. This means that, because I’m married to an industrious woman, I’m getting all kinds of stuff done around the house.

February 2020 Newsletter

God's Multiplying Force The owner of the Bearhawk airplane that I've been working on is a popcorn farmer in Indiana. Several months out of the year he spends in Haiti flying planes in support of a rural orphanage. Recently while he was serving in Haiti he began losing vision in the lower portion of his … Continue reading February 2020 Newsletter

December 2019 Newsletter

I have never felt more stupid than I did in the first six months of my apprenticeship. There's so much I don't know! But I know this is where God wants us and it's a thrill to be involved in His plan to reach the world.

October 2019 Newsletter

Flying Fabric Not to be confused with magic carpets. The bare tube frame with a fresh coat of epoxy primer. Right now I’m helping to rebuild a 4 seat Bearhawk that’s owned by an Indiana farmer. He keeps the plane in Haiti where it’s used to support an orphanage. Life in a hot tropical climate … Continue reading October 2019 Newsletter