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Ever since I was 16 I felt a still small voice pulling me towards mission aviation. In November 2017 my family finally said “Yes!” and were accepted into the pilot/mechanic apprenticeship program at MMS Aviation.

That’s me on the left holding Elliot, our son, and that’s my top notch wife Janice on the right holding Adilene, or Adi, or daughter.

Help us deliver the Gospel to isolated and unreached people groups through missionary aviation!

Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us so we can help deliver the Gospel to the world through mission aviation?

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We are “deputized” to raise funds on behalf of MMS, for MMS, which is an ECFA accredited non-profit organization. MMS then chooses to share an allotment with us as a independent contractor. This ensures your pledge or gift will be tax deductible and falls under the financial supervision of MMS Aviation.

Under IRS guidelines, your support is non-refundable. Should anything arise that prevents us from continuing with MMS Aviation in the pilot/apprenticeship program, MMS Aviation will retain control of funds raised.

Please note that MMS Aviation receives 5% of your donation for administrative costs (which is only 5 cents per dollar). This covers credit card fees, copier costs, printer paper, staples, and everything else needed to keep the office chaos under control.