Many Christians considering full time missionary service are more fearful of support raising than of being martyred on the mission field.

Betty Barnett “Friend Raising”

We’re not going to beat around the bush. Yes, we need money to accomplish the calling God has placed on our lives. (Click here for a detailed summary about MMS Aviation and our role with them in accomplishing the Great Commission) However, please understand that there are things that we need which are just as important as money. Here’s what we need so we can be successful long term missionaries (in order of priority):

  1. A close personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He tells us where we came from, where we’re going, and why we’re here. Answering these questions gives us fulfillment, joy, and hope. This is the whole reason missions exist – some folks out there have yet to find those answers. We want to reach (either directly or indirectly) the unreached so that they may find life more abundantly just as we have!
  2. Godly development of relationships with like minded Christians which helps us…
    1. Stay accountable with Priority #1.
    2. Bear each other’s burdens. This means…
      1. Caring – about people which means having a real interest in each other’s state of being, both physically and emotionally.
      2. Listening – absorbing information instead of jumping to conclusions.
      3. Asking – for more facts or feelings so we may get additional information which may help with…
      4. Praying – for God’s will in the face of life’s circumstances and decisions.
      5. Helping – either with our hands, minds, or wallets.

As missionaries we’ll consider it our responsibility to keep you involved in our lives by consistent blog posts, newsletters, and personal or church visits, if possible.

I guess what we’re trying to say is, we need friends who help us on this journey, not ATM’s that dispense cash when the right buttons are pushed.

The kingdom of God, made up of followers and servants of the King, focuses us away from the world’s value system toward a godly development of friendships. Our needs are met as a by-product, not as a goal.

Betty Barnett “Friend Raising”

The Fine Print

MMS Aviation-3

We are “deputized” to raise funds on behalf of MMS, for MMS, which is an ECFA accredited non-profit organization. MMS then chooses to share an allotment with us as a independent contractor. This ensures your pledge or gift will be tax deductible and falls under the financial supervision of MMS Aviation.

Under IRS guidelines, your support is non-refundable. Should anything arise that prevents us from continuing with MMS Aviation in the pilot/apprenticeship program, MMS Aviation will retain control of funds raised.

Please note that MMS Aviation receives 5% of your donation for administrative costs (which is only 5 cents per dollar). This covers credit card fees, copier costs, printer paper, staples, and everything else needed to keep the office chaos under control.

Pledge by Mail

Instructions: Click the link above, print out the form, fill it out and send it to MMS Aviation (the address is on the form).

Pledge Online

Instructions: Simply enter the amount you wish to pledge and follow the instructions.