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Help us deliver the Gospel to isolated and unreached people groups through missionary aviation!

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We want to see the whole world reached with the Gospel but we feel a particular calling to help reach isolated people groups through mission aviation.

Our biggest need right now is recurring support such as monthly, quarterly, or annual pledges.

We need to raise 100% of our $5,300 per month support quota before we can move to Ohio and begin our apprenticeship while working on missionary aircraft. This apprenticeship will give us the qualifications required to join almost any mission aviation organization. We desire to serve on the field for the rest of our lives and this apprenticeship will enable us to do that.

We hope to raise enough support to begin our apprenticeship with MMS Aviation by May 28, 2019.

We’re currently at 28.12% supported ($1,490.33 per month) Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us so we can help deliver the Gospel to the world through mission aviation?

Common Questions

1. How long is my commitment?

There’s no official commitment length; you may quit anytime. However, what helps us most is recurring support pledges such as monthly, quarterly, or annual pledges. We would like your commitment to your support during the duration of our support raising phase (we hope to have our support raised by May 28, 2018) and continue that support for our 2.5 year mechanic apprenticeship with MMS Aviation and our 2 year pilot training phase in partnership MAG (Missionary Air Group).

Please know that you may adjust your support amount at any time. Simply contact us to do so. We understand that life changes and so does your giving ability.

Once we are done with all this training, we will be qualified to join nearly any missionary aviation organization. We desire to use our training in the mission field to fly or fix airplanes in support of Christian missions for the rest of our lives.

2. When will you move to Ohio and begin the apprenticeship?

We can move to Ohio and begin the 30 month mechanical apprenticeship with MMS Aviation once we reach 100% of the monthly support quota MMS has given us. One time gifts do not count towards our monthly support quota, although we can use them after we started the apprenticeship. Consider giving a small monthly pledge instead of large on time gift so your support can help us move to Ohio sooner.

3. How much do you need to raise?

We have to have $5,300 per month in recurring support before we can start the apprenticeship. This will cover our living and training expenses. As soon as we begin our mechanical apprenticeship, $600 per month will be taken from our support to save for pilot training expenses during our partnership with MAG. It’s a big mountain, but God will get us there. See our full budget here.

Current Status:

$1,490.33 / per month pledged

We are 28.12% of the way there

4. How do I make sure my support is used for your family?

Any support pledged by using the link at the top of the page is automatically pledged for Snader support. The print out PDF form also has our family name filled in already so the office knows the support is for our family.

5. Is my support tax deductible?

Yes, MMS Aviation is an ECFA certified non-profit so your support is tax deductible. A receipt will be mailed to you after you complete the support process via the link above or by mail.

6. Will you have a job during your apprenticeship?

My job will be fixing missionary aircraft full time. I will be at the hangar daily at 7:30 and will leave around 4:30. Then I’ll be studying for my A&P (Aircraft and Powerplant) certification in the evenings, as well as keeping supporters updated.

7. If you’re working on airplanes full time, why do you need support?

MMS Aviation doesn’t charge Christian missionary organizations any labor charges. This has saved the mission field a whopping $1.5 million in 2017 and $1.2 million in 2016. MMS is able to offer this money saving service to mission organizations because the apprentices and staff live off of faith support. This is why we need support.

8. I have more questions. How do I contact you?

You can simply go to our contact page (click here) and use the email form or you can text or call me, Josh, at 574-535-4949. Please leave a message regarding the subject of your message if no one answers.

For a more thorough explanation of what we’re doing with MMS Aviation, click here.

Thank you!

We deeply appreciate your support. We literally cannot do this without an amazing group of heroes!

Always Grateful,

Josh & family

We are “deputized” to raise funds on behalf of MMS, for MMS, which is an ECFA accredited non-profit organization. MMS then chooses to share an allotment with us as a independent contractor. This ensures your pledge or gift will be tax deductible and falls under the financial supervision of MMS Aviation.

Under IRS guidelines, your support is non-refundable. Should anything arise that prevents us from continuing with MMS Aviation in the pilot/apprenticeship program, MMS Aviation will retain control of funds raised.

Please note that MMS Aviation receives 5% of your donation for administrative costs (which is only 5 cents per dollar). This covers credit card fees, copier costs, printer paper, staples, and everything else needed to keep the office chaos under control.