A Stroll Through Lake Park

This morning, on my day off, I woke up at 5:00 am and took a stroll through the local park. Why? Because the photography bug has bit me again and the early morning is a great time to wander in solitude. I understand why God walked through the Garden of Eden in the “cool of the morning.” That’s when the magic of a new day hasn’t yet worn off. Plus, the mist rolls off the lake around sunrise and I knew there was a heron that hangs out in the area. I wanted to get him standing stoically in the morning mist while rays of sunshine shimmered around him. I didn’t get that picture. Instead, he flew past me at Mach 2 and disappeared into the sunrise. I couldn’t find him again. Maybe next time. Still, I had a good time and took some pictures. I want to share the pictures because that’s half the fun of photography, showing people your perspective on the world around you. So here’s a few pictures from my morning stroll.



One thought on “A Stroll Through Lake Park

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  1. Photography is fun, especially during those “critical hours” in the morning and early evening. Enjoyed your pics. (Watch the histogram for those dark and light areas.). Keep
    “shooting” and download for our enjoyment, Josh. God bless, take care. (Cameras are
    so great to display your abilities and share with others and help others “see” what you enjoy.)

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