Fixing Airplanes

Two Weeks at MMS Aviation (in Pictures)

I thought it would be beneficial to share the pictures from the last two weeks on a blog post so everyone out there can see what’s going on in the hangar!

Just for Fun

Four Teenagers Drive a Saturn to Mexico

Warning! This is an epic tale which means it’s long and winding and full of detail – not for the reader with a short attention span!


December 2020 Newsletter

Pictured Above: Roscoe Village is a historic canal town located on the outskirts of Coshocton. Here fresh snowfall on Christmas decorations made me feel all nostalgic and happy so I thought I’d share it with you. Admission of Guilt: You may notice that this December 2020 newsletter is being posted in January. Yes, this newsletter […]

Family Flyby

Nearer My God to Thee

She stood on the brakes as I sat in the passenger seat, calmly dug my fingernails into the plastic trim on the dashboard, and hummed Nearer My God to Thee.