VIDEO: The Bearhawk Project

This 4-place Bearhawk is one of the first aircraft produced in the series. In fact, a picture of this half-completed Bearhawk is featured in the Bearhawk Builder’s Manual! However, the Bearhawk spent eight years operating in Haiti, supporting orphanages by transporting people and supplies. Haiti is a very hot, sun soaked, salty environment and that’s a harsh environment for an airplane to live. The missionary and builder of the Bearhawk flew it the whole way from Haiti to our hangar at MMS Aviation in Ohio. That airplane had a squawk list longer than an Amish preacher’s sermon on a hot Sunday in a stuffy meetinghouse and so we were all very grateful for the missionary’s safe arrival at the hangar. It was time to dig into this project!

This blog is just a hobby but what we are passionate about is helping to reach the lost and isolated with the help and compassion of Jesus Christ. In many places in the world, aviation is a necessary tool to do that.

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One thought on “VIDEO: The Bearhawk Project

  1. Wow! A cool video from tear-down to a better rebuild for another years of service for the Lord’s work. Good
    story of everyone’s effort. God bless everyone and their efforts. Knew the environment was so harsh. May God’s hand of protection rest upon it. Glad it was flown here to Ohio with many problems. Panel looked
    very basic but useful.

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