VIDEO: Cessna 182A Project Update

My photography bug is getting a little itchy again. I used to dabble quite a bit in photography but then I got married and needed money for a honeymoon and so I sold all my equipment. Five years later we still have Janice’s old Canon DSLR and it works but it lacks autofocus during live recording so I apologize for my lack of cinematic perfection. When I started my apprenticeship at MMS Aviation I vowed to do fewer things so I cast aside a lot of my hobbies and focused on studying. Now that I built up some momentum in the right direction, I’m slowly allowing myself to spend some time on photography/videography again.

Here’s my philosophy: The better you can tell a story, the more people will listen to the story. The more people who listen to a story, the more people that can help change the story. I want to help change stories all over the world and so storytelling is an important part of what God has called me to do. I’m not saying I’m awesome at it but it’s a complimentary skill that goes along with mission work. I want to get better at sharing stories and that means I have to start doing it. That’s the best way to get good at something.

Right now I’m about as fluid and loose while speaking on camera as Pinocchio so forgive me for that. With practice I hope to get better. And once I’m more comfortable I want to even try a few jokes. Who knows? My natural born talents do not include being a presenter but still, we can improve our weaknesses with practice. I like doing videos and I am planning on doing a 50/50 mix of blogs and videos.

Thanks again y’all for supporting our efforts here at MMS Aviation. We owe a debt of gratitude to each of you.

With gratitude,




4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Cessna 182A Project Update

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  1. Hi Josh. Enjoyed your video presentation on what you’re doing on that old 182A. Could tell it’s wear by inside and outside shots. Like you, I’ve enjoyed photography for over 55 years. Currently have an older
    Canon EOS SL2. Started with a cheap German WW2 vintage manual focus bought used years ago in college. Keep up your video presentations when desired. Take care, God bless all of you guys. Praying for
    you. Happy Thanksgiving. Steve Molnar.

  2. Josh and Janice,
    You do a great job of communicating with you partnership team. And you are right, in that, these photo and video skills will be a great asset to you career as full time missionaries.

  3. Josh, you do an outstanding job in describing and illustrating how aviation plays such an integral role
    in helping to fulfill the goals of modern missionary work. Literally the work could not be done without all that the addition of an aircraft brings in many cases. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit’s call on your family’s life. It will be exciting to see just how the Lord uses your and Janice’s many talents in service to the world!

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