Hi There! Let’s Introduce Ourselves.

This blog is just a hobby but what we are passionate about is helping to reach the lost and isolated with the help and compassion of Jesus Christ. In many places in the world, aviation is a necessary tool to do that.

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Our Backgrounds

Romance and Raccoons; How Janice and I Met

What are We Doing at MMS Aviation?

Fumbling Footsteps of Faith; The Story of Our Calling

Preparing People and Planes for Worldwide Missionary Service; The History of MMS Aviation

Become a Financial Supporter of Our Family (links to MMS Aviation’s secure website)

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One reply on “Hi There! Let’s Introduce Ourselves.”

Good morning Josh & Janice! So good to hear from you! I enjoyed your new video telling people who you are and what you do. ESP the pic of Janice on the motorcycle. I prayed for you this morning asking the Lord to provide not only materially but spiritually & emotionally. May He give you peace as you pursue His purposes

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