You Are Called to Be Involved

Just because you’re a missionary doesn’t mean you’re a good Christian. Just because you’re flawed doesn’t mean you can’t be a missionary. Everyone has flaws. The defining characteristic of a Christian is how we deal with them. Our flaws, when properly dealt with, can be the most convincing argument for our faith.

Being a missionary is a serious calling but it’s a calling that shouldn’t be uncommon in the Christian community. I think it’s far too uncommon. I get very uncomfortable when people treat us like heroes on an exotic mission. What we’re doing shouldn’t be unusual. We’re normal Christians trying to do what God calls everyone to do, and sometimes we don’t do it very well. I refer you to my previous statement on flaws in Paragraph 1.

The fact is that as Christians we don’t have much say in what God calls us to do. If I believe that every person on earth is a sinner and is condemned to hell but I do not try to reach those people with the information that can save them from hell, one of two things are true. Either I don’t believe in hell or I’m a heartless person that isn’t bothered by people being thrown into it.

While I suspect that many more are called to go than are going, I don’t believe everyone has to be 9,000 miles from home to make a difference. Like any good military unit, there are many roles suited for a huge variety of people. All the roles need to be filled in order for the army to function. We’ve been called to mission aviation. You may be gifted as a linguist, or a software developer, or a videographer, an accountant, or a great businessman. All those things can useful in mission work. One thing is for sure, if you’re a Christian, you are called to be involved. How you get involved? Well, that’s between you and The Boss. Ask Him and see what He says.

From a little hamlet in Ohio,

Josh S.