We Own A Toddler Sized Swimming Pool with A Self Cleaning Feature

Elliot Snader plays in toilet

We aren’t a rich family but apparently we’re wealthy enough to have a personal, toddler sized, indoor swimming pool. Most people can’t even afford a regular swimming pool outside. Our little pool even has a self cleaning feature for when it gets a little messy. There’s nothing worse than a messy swimming pool after all. Elliot loves this swimming pool and plays in it every chance he gets. Unfortunately for him, everyone else in the house thinks his personal swimming pool is designed for less glamorous duties. This makes it less than suitable for swimming, even with the self cleaning feature. I can sense his outrage every time we yank him away from his pool and make a big fuss over it. He glares and mutters something like, “If we’d all poop in diapers like I do, we wouldn’t have this problem.”