Video: Did You Know…

Did you know Americans spend more on Halloween costumes for their pets than Christians spend on reaching unreached people groups?

It’s true. We discussed this video one morning during our devotions at MMS Aviation and I thought it laid out the statistics well. Enjoy!

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By Josh Snader

My name's Josh and I'm married to a beautiful woman Janice. We have a daughter named Adilene (or Adi) and a son named Elliot. We're currently living in Ohio and serving as an apprentice at MMS Aviation. The goal is to graduate the apprenticeship with my A&P license and to serve on the mission field as a Maintenance Specialist. Airplanes help deliver the Gospel to hard-to-reach areas and drastically speed up Bible translation. There's a huge need for airplane mechanics right now and God has called us to help fill this need. Thanks for joining us on this journey!