New Supporter This Week! Also: Support Progress

Mission Bell

Hey guys,

We got new support this week! Praise God for this development with us. We are now at 14.47% of our way to our support goal. We are also trusting another supporter will become official this month so that number should go up in a couple weeks!

We had a goal of 25% by the end of July. That was optimistic (it’s good to aim high, right?) but we were still a little disheartened that we didn’t get closer. However, we also want to remember that God does things his way, in his timing. We are learning to submit our plans to Him and trust him, always, even if it seems like nothing is happening.

Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him;
I will surely[a] defend my ways to his face.

Job 13:15 (NIV)

It’s quite the process; learning to trust. That’s the thing, we can’t learn to trust by living safely. It’s a relationship building process with God. Taking a risk, seeing needs met, taking a risk, seeing our needs met, etc. We don’t want to complain because it’s not going as fast as we’d like. When I stand before God at life’s end, I want to honestly be able to say I never played it safe when I sensed Him calling me to do something.

So thanks for your support, supporters! It means so much to us. And I know there’s a bunch of you guys out there yet who are planning on supporting us but haven’t got around to it yet. The sooner we can get our support quota, the sooner we can move to Ohio and begin working on missionary aircraft. If you got a minute, fill out the support form now (if all our Facebook followers pledged an average of $30 per month today, we’d be cleared for take-off tomorrow). Click here to get signed up!

We are sincerely grateful for people’s generosity. Folks are giving way more than I expected and I pray that God repays them tenfold because I don’t think I ever will be able to.

Always Grateful,




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