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We need to raise 100% of our $5,300 per month support quota before we can move to Ohio and begin our MMS Aviation apprenticeship working on missionary aircraft. This apprenticeship will give us the qualifications required to join almost any mission aviation organization. We desire to serve on the field for the rest of our lives and this apprenticeship will give us the training to do that.

We are prayerfully expecting to be fully funded by by May 28, 2019.

We’re currently at 49.21% supported ($2,608.13 per month). Will you help us reach 100%? What helps us reach our monthly support goal is any donation marked “recurring,” whether it’s on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

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We’re delighted you’re interested in investing with us. This means that you too are interested in seeing isolated and unreached people groups find the amazing love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Not only does mission aviation help bring missionaries and Bible translators to remote tribes, but it also helps deliver doctors, medical supplies, disaster relief, and many other tangible forms of the love of God to those who would never receive it otherwise.

Missionary aviation provides a link between people who need help and people who can help them.

I could blather on and on but this video sums up exactly what we want to see repeated in every unreached area of the world. It’s about 5 minutes long but it’s powerful and sums up our vision. Watch it! (Video credit: World Team)

It’s safe to say that without aircraft providing safe and efficient transportation to this remote area, this milestone would not have been reached for many more years. Not only have airplanes helped reach this tribe quickly, it expands the reach into neighboring tribes.

Airplanes are absolutely necessary in reaching isolated and unreached tribes but airplanes need pilots and mechanics to keep them going. There is a huge need for qualified aircraft mechanics on the mission field right now.

This is why we’re going into missionary aviation. Thank you for your support! Please continue to pray for us as we follow God’s leading up this mountain. If you feel like this is something you want to see happen, we would be delighted to have your investment in our ministry. What helps us reach our monthly support goal is any donation marked “recurring,” whether it’s on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Thank you!

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