Here’s Who We Are & What We’re Doing

Hello! My name is Josh Snader. I married a beautiful woman named Janice and this eventually resulted in two new human beings: Adilene Grace (our oldest ) and Elliot Adrian (our youngest).

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We’re Christians who take the phrase “Go ye therefore and teach all nations” literally. This is a big calling that we don’t claim to be able to accomplish on our own. We’re actually pretty frail human beings who make mistakes; more than we’d like to admit.

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We’re relying on the God of the universe to intervene on our behalf so that we can help accomplish the Great Commission through aviation. Airplanes are a big help to get across terrain that would otherwise slow or stop Bible translations, missionaries, doctors, or humanitarian relief. Working on or flying airplanes requires specific training and expensive certification and so we believe this is my specific calling: to become missionary pilot and airplane mechanic. There’s a big need on the field for pilots and mechanics right now. We’re not super Christians or super smart people, we’re simply following God in obedience, trying our hardest and trusting He’ll make up the difference.

Here’s our plans:

Where We’re At

We’re currently wrapping up Step 1: Raising Support

Our required monthly support quota is $5,300. This covers our living and training expenses for our term at MMS Aviation.

Our Official Support Level:

Fully Funded

$5,300 + per month

We’re just as surprised as you are to find that God had bigger plans for our family. What? Us? Why? But here we are. It just proves that God can use anybody I guess. Don’t get me wrong, we’re over-the-moon excited to be involved with airplanes on the mission field! Thank you for joining us on this unbelievable journey.

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