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Our Expected Budget while at MMS Aviation

Here’s a generalized budget given to us by MMS Aviation.

This is how they figure our monthly support quota. Our actual costs may vary but from their experience, this is what they expect us to need.

Untitled-Project (2)

This will enable us to get all the training we need to be fix and fly aircraft with the 139 organizations that use aircraft in the mission field (MMS Aviation has worked with 109 of these organizations already). It will also help catapult us into the mission field with zero debt and enough experience to operate and maintain aircraft at a professional level. Not only that, we will have an established core group of supporters which will help us sustain long term missionary service.

Prayer Card

We are 100% faith supported missionaries. Want to help us reach our monthly quota? Any funds pledged fall under the supervision of MMS Aviation, an ECFA accredited non-profit.  Click here to become a supporter!

Also, find out more about what God has called us to do and our role with MMS Aviation by clicking here.

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My name's Josh and I'm married to my beautiful wife Janice. Our daughter's name is Adilene and our son's is Elliot. I'm going through a pilot / mechanic apprenticeship with MMS Aviation so we can help deliver the Gospel to isolated people groups through aviation.

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