Mission Organizations Served by MMS Aviation

MMS Aviation is fulfilling a critical need in the world of mission aviation.

Out of 165 mission organizations involved in aviation, MMS Aviation has served 109 of them at one time or another. Let’s put it this way: Every ten minutes a mission airplane takes off or lands thanks to the ministry of MMS Aviation. 

*Multiple services and/or ongoing relationships

  1. African Christian Mission: Zaire, Africa
  2. Africa Evangelical Fellowship: Sudan, Africa
  3. Agape Flights: Florida, USA*
  4. AIM AIR (Africa Inland Mission): Kenya, Africa*
  5. Air Calvary: Gabon, Africa*
  6. Alas de Socorro: Honduras, Central America*
  7. Alison Bible Church (Tom Needham): Cameroon, Africa*
  8. Amazon Salt & Light: Brazil, South America
  9. Association of Baptists for World Evangelism: Georgia, USA*
  10. Arctic Barnabas: Soldotna, Alaska, USA*
  11. Asas de Socorro: Brazil, South America*
  12. Baptist International Missions of Canada: Ontario, Canada*
  13. Baptist International Missions, Inc: Tennessee, USA
  14. Baptist Mid-Missions: Ohio, USA
  15. Baptist Missions to Forgotten Person: Bahama Islands
  16. Book of Books Foundation: Florida, USA
  17. Brigade Air: Arizona, USA*
  18. Caravan Connection: Alaska, USA
  19. Christian Air Ministry: Georgia, USA
  20. Christian Cowboys: Oregon, USA
  21. Christians in Action: Guatemala, South America
  22. Christian Lay Ministry: Zaire, Africa
  23. Darby Drive Church: Alabama, USA
  24. Eagle’s Wings: Papua New Guinea
  25. Edgar Schreiber Ministries: Ontario, Canada*
  26. Evangelical Baptist Mission: Mali, Africa
  27. Evangelical Methodist Mission: Bolivia, South America
  28. Far North Missionary Fellowship: Fairbanks, Alaska
  29. Flame of Truth: Texas, USA*
  30. Focus Aviation: Tennessee, USA*
  31. Frank Harvey Ministries: Kentucky, USA*
  32. Good News Books: Ontario, Canada
  33. Gospel Carrier International: Maryland, USA*
  34. Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music: Michigan, USA
  35. Harvest Field Ministries: Ontario, Canada
  36. Heartland Embrace: Waupaca, WI, USA
  37. Hugh Smith Ministries: Evangelist, Texas, USA
  38. I CARE International: Arizona, USA
  39. Impact North: Ontario, Canada*
  40. I-tec: Dunellon, FL*
  41. JAARS (Jungle Aviation and Radio Service): North Carolina, USA*
  42. Jason Patton Ministries: Guatemala, Central America
  43. Jeff Cash Ministries: Uganda, Africa
  44. Jim Nelson Ministries: California, USA
  45. Joy Bible Mission: Bahamas
  46. Joy of the Harvest: Tanzania, Africa
  47. Kairos Aviation: Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican*
  48. Kassito Healthcare International: Uganda, Africa
  49. Kingdom Air Corps: Alaska, USA
  50. Kings Wings: Bahamas, Haiti, Domican Republic*
  51. LAMP (Lutheran Association of Missionaries & Pilots): Alberta, Canada*
  52. Latvian Baptist Mission: Bolivia, South America*
  53. LeTourneau University: Texas, USA*
  54. Macedonia World Baptist Mission: Florida, USA*
  55. Maranantha Missions: Texas, USA
  56. Marvin Byers (Evangelist): Guatemala, South America
  57. Mercy Air: White River, South America*
  58. Mercy Missions: Indiana, USA
  59. Mexican Medical Ministries: California, USA*
  60. Mike Hines Ministries: Honduras, Central America*
  61. Mission Air Services: Alabama, USA
  62. Missionary Air Group: Honduras, Central America*
  63. Mission Assist Team: Texas, USA
  64. Mission Aviation Fellowship – Europe: Chad, Africa
  65. Mission Aviation Fellowship – Europe: Tanzania, Africa
  66. Mission Aviation Fellowship – Europe: Madagascar
  67. Mission Aviation Fellowship – Europe: Uganda, Africa*
  68. Mission Aviation Fellowship – Korea: Seoul, South Korea*
  69. Mission Aviation Fellowship – Philippines: Luzon, Philippines
  70. Mission Aviation Fellowship – US: Idaho, USA*
  71. Missionaire: Florida, USA
  72. Missionary Aviation Institute: North Carolina, USA
  73. Missionary Flights International: West Palm Beach, FL*
  74. Mission to the World: Peru, South America
  75. Missions Beyond: Mexico
  76. Mitchel, Torre (Evangelist): Cameroon, Africa
  77. Moody Aviation: Washington, USA*
  78. Nazarene Mission Air: Guatemala, Central America
  79. NCEM (Northern Canada Evangelical Mission): Saskatchewan, Canada
  80. Northern Youth Programs: Ontario, Canada*
  81. Officers Christian Fellowship: Pennsylvania, USA
  82. Pacific Missionary Aviation: Yap, Micronesia*
  83. Pac-Tec: Virginia, USA
  84. Pfiefer Evangelical Association: Ohio, USA
  85. Pilots for Christ International: Virginia, USA*
  86. Project Amazon: Brazil, South America
  87. PVM Fly I Bolivia: Riberalta, Bolivia
  88. Quentin Roads Bible Baptist Church: Michigan, USA*
  89. Send International: Alaska, USA
  90. SOMA Ministries: California, USA
  91. SAM AIR (South America Mission): Peru, South America
  92. SAM AIR (South America Mission): Bolivia, South America
  93. Spokane Turbine Center: Washington, USA
  94. Swedish Free Mission: Bolivia, South America
  95. UIM Aviation (United Indian Mission): Arizona, USA
  96. Visions Beyond Ministries: Lahmansville, WV, USA
  97. Wings of the Morning: Zaire, Africa*
  98. Wings With The Word: Maine, USA*
  99. World Gospel Mission: Bolivia, South America*
  100. World Outreach Ministries: Honduras, Central America*
  101. ZUMAT: Republic of South Africa

And counting!



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